Coffee Farms

La Teresita Farm

At 1,650 meters MSL, La Teresita coffee farm is only accessible by foot; all the delicious 100% Colombian coffee beans produced there must be brought down the mountain by a mule which only adds to the beauty of the process. 

Piedra Larga Farm

“Piedra Larga” is a very special farm to us. It is the farm where it all started. Located in Barbosa – Antioquia, Piedra Larga’s foggy mornings, creeks, and altitude result in a rich soil ideal for specialty coffee growing. The farm sits at 4,921 ft (1,500 meters) MSL. “Piedra Larga” used to be a sugar mill, and even though it had coffee trees planted around the farm, the main objective wasn’t to produce coffee.

El Jardin Farm

Using artisanal methods, in his El Jardin farm, Ignacio knows how to grow and process specialty coffee, but he also highlights the importance of the environment around the coffee trees.

La Divisa Farm

Near Santa Fe de Antioquia, one of the oldest cities in Colombia, Gabriel Gutierrez and Milena Quiroz grew up, met and started their family.  In their farm, La Divisa, they produce premium Castillo and Supremo beans. At 2,050 Meters MLS, with abundant water from the river and lots of shady mountains they have been following the ways of their ancestors while continuing to learn and perfect their craft.