Piedra Larga Farm

Piedra Larga

“Piedra Larga” is a very special farm to us. It is the farm where it all started.


Barbosa, Antioquia, is a charming municipality located in the central region of Colombia. Surrounded by lush mountain landscapes, it is nestled in the majestic Colombian Andes. In addition to its natural beauty, the municipality offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy its abundant biodiversity.

Fog + Creeks + Altitude = Specialty Coffee

Piedra Larga’s foggy mornings, creeks, and altitude result in a rich soil ideal for specialty coffee growing.

Where it all began

Piedra Larga's coffee and native trees

From Sugar Mill to Our Sweetest Specialty Coffee

The farm sits at 4,921 ft (1,500 meters) MSL. “Piedra Larga” used to be a sugar mill, and even though it had coffee trees planted around the farm, the main objective wasn’t to produce coffee.

Old Sugar Mill
A bird flying over "Piedra Larga"

But with land so fertile and the conditions so perfect for specialty coffee, it was almost inevitable that coffee crops would follow.

Native Trees and Fruits

And it’s not just coffee that thrives in “Piedra Larga”; many other native trees such as plantains, star fruit, and oranges flourish alongside.

Star Fruit

Pedro and Don Alberto: The Artisans Behind Piedra Larga's Specialty Coffee

The coffee plants grow slowly but perfectly, carefully nourished by the land and cared for by Pedro and Don Alberto.

Don Alberto

Growing in Harmony with the Ecosystem

Pedro and Alberto care for the plants using traditional artisanal practices that allow the wildlife to remain unharmed and diverse.

It is not surprising that the specialty coffee produced in “Piedra Larga” is loved by all who try it!

Wild parakeets
Spider web on a coffee tree
Green and ripe coffee cherries on tree

As Sweet As Sugar Cane

With its sweet and smooth tasting notes of brown sugar, caramel, and honey, even those who always add sugar say this coffee is sweet enough already.