La Teresita Farm

La Teresita

At 1,650 meters MSL, “La Teresita” farm is only accessible by foot; all the delicious 100% Colombian coffee beans produced there must be brought down the mountain by a mule which only adds to the beauty of the process.


Barbosa, Antioquia, is a charming municipality located in the central region of Colombia. Surrounded by lush mountain landscapes, it is nestled in the majestic Colombian Andes. In addition to its natural beauty, the municipality offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy its abundant biodiversity.

View of a Beautiful Valley

This prime location offers the most breathtaking views of the continuing mountains and the valley below.

A mule doing the heavy lifting
Miguel and Jaime hiking to "La Teresita" farm
"La Teresita" and neighboring farms

Sustainably-grown Colombian Coffee

This fertile land where coffee trees grow slowly in the shade of bananas, guava, and various other native and non-native plants used to be a sugar mill; the sweetness of the cane remains in the soil.

A colorful bird
Coffee trees, sugar cane and native trees

Raul Florez, The Meticulous Farmer Behind La Teresita's Specialty Coffee

This farm is diligently cared for by Raul Florez, who uses all his knowledge to produce premium Colombian coffee.

Selected for quality
Beans drying under the sun
Jaime, Miguel, and Don Raul

A Family's Legacy

Don Raul lives there with his mother, Teresita, who the farm is named after, and who fills it with unique details that reflect the love she puts into everything she does.