La Divisa Farm

Santa Fe de Antioquia and the Cauca River

Santa Fe de Antioquia is one of the oldest cities in Colombia. Formerly the capital of Antioquia, it is known for its beautiful churches and well-preserved historic houses. This area is also recognized for its breathtaking landscapes of pristine mountains and the Cauca River.

The Gutierrez Family

It is in this region where Gabriel Gutiérrez and Milena Quiroz grew up, met, and started their family. Like many generations before them, Gabriel and Milena are dedicated to producing excellent coffee.

La Divisa

On the farm, La Divisa, they produce high-quality Castillo and Supremo coffee beans. At 2,050 meters above sea level, with abundant water from the river and many shaded mountains, they have followed in the footsteps of their ancestors while continuing to learn and perfect their craft.

La Divisa Up Close

A cup of coffee for Niña, the dog of la Divisa

Every coffee grower’s faithful companion can’t be missing, and what better bed than a burlap sack to rest from the walks through the coffee plantations.

It all starts with a seed, then a seedling, and finally a coffee tree

Armadillo Coffee's truck loaded with the delicious beans from La Divisa Farm

Handcrafted wood stove/fireplace for cold nights

The neighbors of La Divisa, learning the art of coffee from their parents since childhood

Coffee pulper with a view of the Cauca River.

A handmade shelter to protect the beans from rain during the drying process