Colombian Specialty Coffee:
Direct from Farmers to Roasters

Certify It Yourself

Our Commitment

At Armadillo Coffee, we embrace the motto “certify it yourself.” While we acknowledge the vital role certification organizations play in promoting sustainability, fair trade, and organic practices in the coffee industry, we also recognize the challenges small farmers face due to the high costs associated with certifications. In today’s interconnected world, we believe that customers can personally verify these practices through the multimedia content we provide.

Our primary objective is to offer the finest single-origin beans that are responsibly sourced, sustainably grown, and delivered fresh. We strive to make these exceptional coffees accessible and affordable to everyone. By trusting Armadillo Coffee, you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee while supporting ethical and sustainable practices. Join us in our mission to empower customers to make informed choices and appreciate the rich flavors that our responsibly sourced beans deliver.

Wild parakeets around Piedra Larga farm
A vigilant spider keeps its many eyes on the coffee borer beetle
Colorful bird visiting La Teresita farm

Sustainable Processes

We are deeply committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. From sourcing to production, we prioritize environmentally-friendly practices that minimize our ecological footprint. Our processes are designed to conserve resources, reduce waste, and promote biodiversity.

Honoring Coffee Farmers

In our commitment to fairness and sustainability, we ensure that our farmers are fairly compensated. We go beyond market prices, guaranteeing that they receive at least 25% above market value for their beans. We firmly believe in providing a price that ensures their hard work remains profitable, empowering them to sustain their livelihoods and continue producing exceptional coffee.

Quality at Fair Prices

We believe in delivering exceptional quality products at fair and reasonable prices. Our commitment to providing value for money is at the core of our business. We strive to ensure that every customer receives high-quality goods without compromising on affordability.

Free Shipping Directly from Colombia

We take pride in offering a seamless coffee delivery experience, ensuring that your beans arrive straight from the source without any hassle. Best of all, we cover the shipping costs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of direct sourcing at no additional expense. We are committed to providing a smooth and cost-effective process, so you can focus on what you do best – roasting and delighting coffee lovers with exceptional flavors.

Our Story

From the sweet nectar of the sugarcane to the stimulating coffee bean

It all began when the visionary Don Alberto Echeverri ventured into the magical setting of El Hatillo, a charming and enchanting corner in Barbosa, Antioquia. There, surrounded by a picturesque farm and an old sugarcane mill, he discovered the stimulating and delicious seed: coffee.

From that sweet nectar of the sugarcane emerged the cultivation of a coffee as sweet as panela (unrefined cane sugar). As they faced the challenges inherent to this coveted bean, Don Alberto’s son, Miguel, set himself a transcendent goal: to turn coffee cultivation into a prosperous enterprise while helping other small coffee farmers make their own crops profitable.

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

From Intermediaries to Facilitators

In the world of commodity trade, intermediaries often play a crucial role. Coffee trading, in particular, presents unique challenges, requiring large-scale exportation and importation of beans. However, these intermediaries can exert pressure on both ends of the supply chain: coffee farmers and roasters.

At Armadillo Coffee, we embrace a different approach. Rather than traditional intermediaries, we see ourselves as facilitators. Through vertical integration of processes, we eliminate the need for multiple intermediaries, allowing us to offer premium quality coffee at affordable prices.

Moreover, we are committed to providing fair compensation to our partners—the farmers. We ensure that they receive at least 25% above market prices, and often more. Our aim is to support their livelihoods, paying prices that allow them to live comfortably, even if it means exceeding market rates by 100%. We recognize that the well-being of both coffee farmers and our beloved armadillos relies on this equitable approach.

By redefining our role in the supply chain, we empower farmers, deliver exceptional coffee, and build a sustainable future for all. Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize the coffee industry one bean at a time.

Jose Ignacio Perez, El Jardin Farm
Don Alberto Echeverri, Piedra Larga Farm
Pedro and his loyals friends